The Robert A. Chase Library and Museum

Robert A. Chase Library and Museum Collection Development Policy

Interested in donating to the Chase Library and Museum? Please read the policy and guidelines below, then email with information regarding your potential donation (what it is, its significance to the field of hand and upper extremity surgery, and any photographs). A committee will review your potential donation. Only after approval will we ask for objects to be shipped to the library.

The Robert A. Chase Library and Museum actively collects and makes accessible literature, records, objects, artwork and other materials based upon their support of the Mission Statement. All recorded information made or received and maintained by an ASSH member will be considered for donation to the collection.

Donations that do not meet the Library’s Mission are not accepted. There also may be cases where donations are not accepted due to a collection’s size, duplication of existing information, processing costs, space availability, staffing limitations or other considerations.

The Library requires a signed Deed of Gift Form upon transfer of the donated materials. The Deed of Gift Form addresses the transfer of ownership and copyright of the physical materials from the donor to the Library.

Although care is taken at the point of donation not to accept material that does not follow the guidelines above, there may be occasions where the Library removes or deaccessions items from its collections. All deaccessioning will take place according to the terms of the donation documentation.

Collection Administration
The initial collection will be developed by the expertise of an ASSH representative as well as through the oversight of the Chase Library Committee. The ASSH representative is responsible for the following:

What is Deemed Appropriate for Acquisition?
Records, artifacts and art deemed to have historical significance will be actively collected and made accessible according to the following general guidelines, with the implied precedence:

  1. Personal papers, publications and artifacts from ASSH founders, past presidents, and leadership in the field including but not limited to:
    1. Dr. Harvey S. Allen
    2. Dr. Joseph H. Boyes
    3. Dr. Julian M. Bruner
    4. Dr. Sterling Bunnell
    5. Dr. Robert A. Chase
    6. Dr. Adrian E. Flatt
    7. Dr. Allen B. Kanavel
    8. Dr. Sumner L. Koch
    9. Dr. J. William Littler
    10. Dr. Michael L. Mason
    11. Dr. George S. Phalen
    12. Dr. Donald Roy Pratt
    13. Others as materials become identified
  2. Seminal literature documenting surgery of the hand and related science
    1. Books
    2. Serials
  3. Member artwork dedicated to the hand
  4. Audio / Visual
    1. Digital
    2. Prints
    3. Transparencies
    4. Audio
    5. Video
  5. Artifacts
    1. Devices
    2. Meeting Memorabilia
  6. ASSH Archives
    1. Governance
    2. Meetings
    3. Membership
    4. Grants & Awards
    5. Publications & Other Media

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